Golf Bags for Women- The Available Options

By Harry Johnson

Women have taken to golf with renewed vigor these past few years and companies following this trend have taken to making golf products with them in mind. And golf bags for women are a natural follow up to this trend. There are more than a few of these brands in the market.

With a light weight design concept, these golf bags for women are made to help the woman golfer when she carries it about the golf course. They come in cart and also in stand version to add more to the choice.

Then there are those that can do both in that they can be pulled cart style and carried. But the over riding consideration is that they are all light of weight when compared to the male versions so that they would give the least stress on their physique.

Golf bags for women are now manufactured in some 'girly' colors to appeal to the female segment although not all women would like to have their baby pink everywhere. There are few companies that have come forward with brighter colors that suit the needs of women without restoring back to the pink thing.

Another thing worth considering in the various options available in golf bags for women has to do with the cart bag versions. They come in various colors such as pink, orange and a host of others which adds color to the otherwise somber looking golf course as you see these women pulling them along.

These performance bags have all the features that women would want. Full length 14 inch pocket to store all the clubs and protect them from damaging, few side pockets that can hold out your tees, drinks and eatables, other valuables which you would like to carry out on the course.

But we can't overlook the pink when it has to do with some ladies so they also come in beautiful pink and black striped colors with the added touch of an accompanying handbag that will make you look like a million stars as you strike a pose for the picture.

The other category that you can look in golf bags for women is the storm bag. They are well designed, light in weight and have the pink color with black matched legs that are helpful to wheel the bag in any terrain. Available for an affordable price, this bag comes with added features that are hard to find out in any other stand bag.

Now, having the knowledge gained, you can pick out your choice in terms of color and style which will complement your personality. - 31481

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Golf Range Finders

By Dale Smith

Technology has become a big player in pretty much every industry. Golf is no different. Better composite materials are being used to make clubs. New materials in golf balls make them fly further and easier to control. Even the make up of the spikes in your shoes has changed to grip the ground better so that you can have a more secure stance. One of the last areas of concern is applied to mapping your game. Over the past few years, companies have been running to market with the most advanced technology yet, Golf Range Finders.

However, there are conflicting opinions on how to best use your new toy. When you play a lot of golf, at different courses, then there are some advantages of knowing where the trouble lies. A range finder will also tell you where you need to hit your shot on the green to assure that you are in a good position. This is outstanding knowledge to have. But, the problem then becomes whether or not you can actually make the shot required to maximize this information.

Yes, a range finder can help any player. However, they are not legal to use in any sanctioned event. Although many players may never even think about playing in an actual event, becoming used to having all of the outstanding information that you can get from your range finder is just not a great idea, when all of a sudden, you cannot depend on it anymore.

Now, as a practice aid, this golf aid can be truly a benefit. You will become a better player if you know how far you hit your clubs. You will score better, if you are aware of what club you need to clear a hazard. Most golf courses have distances marked on sprinkler heads throughout the course. All golf courses have 200, 150 and 100 yard markers on the sides of the fairways. If your new found toy could make you hit the ball better or hit it straighter, this would truly be a great invention.

Over 90% of the golfers in the world shot around 100 or are 18 handicap players. What this means, in many cases, is that their game needs improvement, not knowledge about the course they are playing. By using this great piece of technology to track how your ball flies, what it does when it lands and how to get consistent with repetitious practice, this is a spectacular tool.

Considering that most players do not compete in too many events, because they think their game is not good enough, you are missing out on some great competition. So, by using your range finder to improve your game will have a much greater impact than knowing where the trouble is, when you are not even sure that you can make the correct shot.

For many players, confidence is more crucial to their success than talent. You can see that at practice facilities, all of the time. The challenge comes into play when they get to the course and really have no idea on how far their shots travel, or what happens to the ball when it lands. Using a range finder can give you that confidence and you can hit the links with confidence.

Now, for the more established player, this is a huge advantage. By knowing exact distances or where the pin is located, gives you a better chance to make a shot when you know the exact distance. Also, if you have never played a course before, you can see where potential trouble is and make the proper adjustment. You already know that you cannot count on using it in an event, so you are less likely to become dependent on it, so even your competitive rounds with your friends are practice rounds for you, so if your course allows them, then use every benefit that they offer.

This is one great idea. And used properly, you will see a huge improvement in your game. There are many companies that offer quality golf range finders and they all have some great information available. Some even have tips and scorecards as well. So, go and get one and use it to its best advantage for your game. Self improvement and confidence are crucial in golf, and by utilizing the knowledge that you can get by using this as a training aid, will help you play better and win more consistently. - 31481

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Home Buyers In Naples Florida Find Upscale Amenities In The Vineyards

By Hubert Miles

Located in Southwest Florida is a master planned private community known as The Vineyards. This luxury golf community has beautiful coastal landscapes and all the amenities you'd expect from a master planned community.

The gated entrance to the Vineyards is like stepping into a tropical orchard with grand oak trees. From the streets to the paved walking paths, residents of the Vineyards enjoy the beauty of this gated tropical paradise.

Like one would expect from a tropical garden, water abounds in the Vineyards from the fountains and lakes that interweave themselves through out the community. The spacious home lots provide the privacy that many expect to find in a gated community. Active adults love the Vineyards for its two 18 hole golf courses, resort style swimming pools, 12 Har-Tru tennis courts, numerous neighborhood clubhouses with luxury mens and womens locker rooms, golf and tennis pro shops, and a top of the line fitness center.

The Vineyards offers a formal dining room with banquet halls and live local entertainment for those who are looking for fine dining. If wine is your passion engage in the wine tasting festivities.

Created by PGA Tour professional Mark McCumber, the North Course at the Vineyards provides the skillful and challenging play of the historic Scottish courses from which the sport grew. The flexible layout and multiple tee box placements offer even the occasional golfer an enjoyable round of golf no matter what the skill level. While the championship tee boxes provide the highly skilled golfer a chance to challenge themselves both physically and mentally.

The South Course was designed by William Amick. The South Course is appealing to both the serious amateur and professional golfer. The South Course provides a unique combination of shots that test both your shot making skills and strategic game play.

If you are looking for assistance with your golf game, onsite professional golfers and teaching faculty can provide individualized instruction to improve your golf game. With a pro shop stocked with all the cutting-edge golf equipment and athletic wear to take your game to the next level. During the summer you can participate in the reciprocal golf programs with dozens of local clubs for numerous play options. - 31481

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Are You Looking For Cheap Golf Accessories Online?

By Mick Euan Tait

As golf equipment is quite expensive, it is no wonder that golfers are looking for cheap golf accessories. After spending a small fortune on a complete set of clubs and some golf balls, you will probably want to spend a minimum on golf accessories.

The veteran golfer will have his own golf equipment already but may find that they need a few extra golf accessories. The beginner golfer, on the other hand, after buying their golf clubs and balls, still have to consider all the different golf accessories that they still need to buy.

Looking for cheap golf accessories online is a good idea. The reason for this is that the online golf shops can present you with an enormous range of golf accessories, and because of their lower overheads, they can beat the prices of an off line golf shop. When starting to golf, you have to choose the golf accessories that are absolutely essential.

Golf accessories are usually considered to be every item of golf equipment except the clubs, balls, and shoes. Some online golf stores will have separate categories for golf bags and golf apparel, but others will lump them together with the rest of the golf accessories.

If you bought a complete set of golf clubs, you might have been lucky in that they included a golf bag. Otherwise, the first accessory that you will need is a golf bag. When you check out online golf stores, you will find plenty of choices but the first thing to decide on is the type of bag you want.

Golf bag types include the carry golf bag and the stand golf bag - both bags are designed to be carried on your shoulder with the difference being that the stand bag has a fold out stand to stand it upright that keeps the bag from getting dirty or wet. Another type is the cart bag which has the benefit that it is somewhat larger and can so fit more gear inside - they are made to be put on a push cart or an electric cart. Lastly, there are staff or tour golf bags which are considerably much larger and heavier but are normally only carried by caddies for the touring pros.

If you decide on a cart bag, you will need a golf cart. If you are fit and enjoy walking the course, I don't think you will need an electric cart which is a lot more expensive and you have the added chore of making sure the battery is fully charged before a round of golf. Your best bet for the price, is a push cart which you push along in front of you. The modern push carts are very light, sturdy, maneuverable, and fold up very small.

The only other items that you will need are small cheap golf accessories; golf tees, golf ball markers, a divot tool, and a golf glove. You can find all of these items of golf accessories online at very reasonable prices. The only other items that you might need, if you play golf in a region where it can rain at any given moment, are a golf umbrella and golf towel.

If you are just starting out to play golf, you can do without special golf apparel; just make sure that the clothes you use conform to the dress code of the golf club and that they are comfortable for golfing. Remember, to save money, look for cheap golf accessories online. - 31481

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Four Considerations in Selecting Your Golf Package

By Joe M. Randolph

If you enjoy the game of golf and take pleasure in traveling, then a golf package may be the ideal excursion for you this year. Imagine playing 18 holes at a world renowned golf course while taking in all the benefits of a resort atmosphere. Or consider playing on a course, designed by one of the golfing greats, by day and enjoying the sights and sounds of an exciting city by night.

In choosing your golfing package consider 4 elements of that package before booking that dream trip.


There are a variety of golf packages that surround the sport of golf. However, each of these packages can offer a different variation of the golfing feature.

For example one golf package may offer the opportunity to practice and play rounds of golf on a course that has been especially designed by one of the best golfers. Or another golf package may offer you golfing lessons conducted by a world renowned golfing professional. Therefore, knowing what you want from your golf package will allow you to select the appropriate package that best matches what is being offered.


It is crucial to understand from the onset what's included in the golfing package before buying. Questions about the quantity of night's stay, rounds of golfing included, airfare, availability of the hotel's facilities, any included meals, etc, should get asked for in writing.

Also, in regards to cost, are there any extra costs above the price of the golf package? These extra charges may include tips, taxes, or other assessments. To make your golfing package excursion as enjoyable as practicable it's best when there are no upsetting surprises.


Additionally, there are packages that offer a spa environment or are just simply drawing on the uniqueness of their location. These locations could include locales anywhere in the continental United States, Hawaii or even Scotland, the birthplace of golf. If this is an important consideration in selecting your golf package consider combining your golfing with the dream vacation of a lifetime.

The Season

Another feature in planning for your golf package is to determine the peak times as well as those times considered as part of the off-season. Peak times are defined as the optimum part of the year based on weather and other factors. Peak times generally reflect the height of the tourist season. Off season times are generally characterized by uncertain weather resulting in less tourism.

A golfing package taken in the off season might be cheaper and less crowded, but not pleasing if there's inclement weather. On the other hand, taking your golfing package during top times would possibly not be to your taste thanks to the crowds and tourism costs.

- 31481

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Golf Clubs

By Bill Danny

There are several smaller makers that you will have seen that don't appear on the golfing Digest list. While these brands are typically less expensive than the brands that appear on the list, you generally get what you pay for. The makers on the golf Digest Hot List represent the upper echelon apropos quality. If you want your clubs to last for a few years and still have some secondhand value when you go to upgrade again, try to stick with the manufacturers on the golfing Digest Host List. If you want some explanation about the quality of some of the smaller manufacturers, have a look at their drivers. Quite often you'll be able to find 1 or 2 manufacturers that are obviously copying the styling of a Taylormade or Callaway driver. If they'd basically put the effort and time into making a top-notch golf club they'd have taken the time to come up with unique styling of their own.

If you're only starting to play golfing, you shouldn't get a new golfing club set straight away as you'll discover that this game isn't for you later on . Furthermore, you still have to find the type of golfing clubs that fits you in the learning stage. The good choice is to start with cheap used golf clubs. And here are some guidelines to help you to hunt down your first used golfing club set :

First, you may need to play with the rental clubs at a driving range. In this time, don't be afraid to ask your chums or other golfers to try their clubs on the range. This is a great chance for you to judge which kind of clubs is good for you. After hitting for a time period at the driving range and you believe it is time to purchase your own clubs, then ....

When you go out to buy used golfing clubs, you should always rely on folk who know golfing kit well. You can look for your local pro at your local municipal course as a source of information and advice. Or you can consult the gurus at the golfing shop or even your pal who plays well or who knows anything about golfing clubs. Otherwise, you can search the Net for used golfing club reviews. You can always ask folk for advice but bear in mind that what suits them may not necessary prove good in your hands. Therefore , it is more important to identify the club set that acceptable to your ability yourself.

Now to get the best performance possible from your golf clubs, you can get them custom made. Whether you are going to be using the clubs every now and again or highly frequently, if they are custom made they are going to offer you the most impressive results each time.

Are you thinking "I don't play golf enough to want custom golf clubs"? If so then stop right there! You do not have to play golfing religiously to justify having custom made clubs. As with each pastime, you want to have the best possible equipment in order to play well. You don't need to play golfing badly even if it is just a pastime. So custom made clubs may be employed if you are a newbie or a pro.

If you take a look at every single golfer, you may soon realize that all of them look different. They are a completely different build and their bodies move in different ways. So why should it seem sensible that they should all use the same golf clubs? It doesn't and if a 5"4 golfing player attempted to use the same club as a 6"2 golf player then there would be serious Problems. You will not get similar results and it can be uncomfortable to use a club that does not suit your shape and size. That's why custom made clubs do come in useful. - 31481

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Improving Your Golf Swing

By Joe M. Randolph

A person who hasn't played a game of golf his entire life may judge the game as "plain," "simple," and even "pointless." He will be of the belief that golf is simply about whacking the ball, going to where it settles, and striking it once again until it drops on the chosen hole.

Such outlook, definitely, is farr off the target.

Golf is one of the profound sports ever developed, comprising of 2 different but entirely essential games: the physical game and the mind game. Numerous would even dispute that 90% of the game of golf is played in the brain.

Nevertheless, the other 10% is also required to execute whatever scheme, rhythm and tempo the mind has been able to begin.

So, completing one's golf swing is very vital in obtaining success in the sport. Except if the ball is already in the putting plane close the hole, you will do nothing but swing. A series of good swings will dramatically advance your cut. One bad swing can destroy your entire strategy.

How can you pick up your golf swing? Here are some guidelines that you can use to obtain that perfect swing for your game:

- Your stance should begin with your knees, ankles and toes together. It may sound stupid, but this is required to ensure that you'll be composed for a focused swing instead of a errant one. Also, this posture will be best to muster the power required for the shot you wish to do.

- When halting for a shot, bring your club to the back of your robust arm's shoulder. This is to guarantee that your shot will have adequate pull to summon utmost power for the swing.

- Remember the follow-through. Essentially, the follow-through doesn't have a bearing on the shot "post facto," after the fact. However, just pondering about the follow-through will aid you locate your pace and establish your tempo. This is important as golf is indeed a game of tempo. Your follow-throughs will also affect your follow-up swings.

Believe it or not, bad swings are the primary causes for games with dismal scores. A lot of individuals still ignore the importance of having a good swing. A good swing, in truth, is deemed to improve any golfer's game by cutting off no less than 4 strokes off his score.

That will be a dramatic progress surely!

- 31481

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